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Foodya World based in Dubai is a food distribution experienced company and a member of Dubai SME. We specialized in premium imports from Kyrgyzstan and around the region (honey, water, dried yogurt etc.) and we are committed to take the Food & Beverage category to new levels with respect to health.
We sell only healthy and environmentally friendly food products that are sourced from the foothills and ecologically pure areas. We have around 10 categories of products including honey, nuts, jams, dried fruits, mountain drinking water, ice cream, and much more. Our products are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and naturalness. Enjoy the health benefits of our delicious foods today.
We supply food for major retail chains such as Carrefour and Union Coop. We purchase products only from reliable suppliers and trusted manufacturers. This commitment helps us maintain the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring that our partners and their customers can use our products with full confidence
Our company has been operating in Dubai since 2017, and we are proud to have an extensive experience as a reliable distributor of food products.
We have our own warehouse and refrigeration equipment, which allows us to quickly manage and fulfill orders with ease.
Own warehouse
Our advantage as a distributor is that we have everything needed to handle the job, including our own branded transport.
Own transport
Marketing support
We have an established network and lead experience that can greatly improve your marketing efforts.
We have a great team of professional employees.
Permits and licenses
We have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the Dubai market.
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
About our company
We supply natural
Made without the use of synthetic drugs, growth regulators, artificial food additives
  • Dried Organic Plums Prunes
  • Dried Organic Apricot
  • Dried Organic Apple
  • Wild Organic Walnut
  • Wild Organic Pistachio
  • Wild Almond
Organic Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • Classic dried natural yogurt
  • Arab stile dried natural yogurt
  • Dried natural yogurt for kids
Dry natural yogurt
  • Hemp protein
  • Hemp seed hearts
  • Hemp oil
Hemp seeds, oil and protein
  • Classic ice-cream (ultra natural)
  • Сhocolate ice-cream
  • Pistachio ice-cream
  • Strawberry ice-cream
  • Raspberry sorbet
Natural Ice-cream and sorbets
  • Ultra delicious Honey Cake
(raw honey and natural cream)
  • Natural Tiramisu
(natural cream and natural chocolate)
  • Three chocolates
(high quality chocolate)
Natural Desserts
  • Pure Raspberry Jam
  • Pure Strawberry Jam
  • Pure Apricot Jam
  • Pure Plum Jam
  • Pure Wild Apple Jam
Organic Jams
  • Raspberry+Apple Fruit-rolls
  • Strawberry+Apple Fruit-rolls
  • Apricot+Apple Fruit-rolls
  • Plum+Apple Fruit-rolls
Organic Fruit-rolls
Permits & licenses
We have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the Dubai market
Gifts & Presents
Wonderful gift sets and compliments for partners, friends and loved ones

We will create packaging under your brand or according to your special order
Gift box covered in leather with engraving for a set of products
Gift box covered in leather with engraving for one product
Packing a set of products from thick cardboard
Cardboard packaging of honey
Wooden box with products
Wooden packaging with graphics
we are trusted
We deeply appreciate our partners and do everything for them to prosper and grow. We respect the goals of our customers and suppliers by building strong relationships based on mutual respect and support.
Latest News
We are happy to share our work and the work of our partners with you
New product - Organic dried apricots
Dry Yogurts in it’s new look! These delicious and healthy dry yoghurts come in a convenient pack and are great for snacking throughout the day. Each yoghurt contains 15g and 30g of dried yoghurt, making it a perfect snack for those looking for a healthy alternative. With natural flavors, these yoghurts offer the great taste and nutrition you're looking for.

The team put a great effort to ensure the quality of the product remains with its new package. Like any good design, packaging tells a story. It’s also a sensual experience, literally engaging us through sight, touch, and taste. They put great effort into choosing what material and form as well as graphics, colors and fonts that are used on wrapping. All these details help us understand what the enclosed product is for, how it should be used, who should use it, and maybe most importantly if we should buy a product or not.

The new package clearly shows the nutritional values such as calcium protein carbohydrates and others. It also shows the ingredients used for the product, origin, and information you need about it. The assortment – the classic, the light which is less salty and the mini for children.
Through the initiative of the Dubai Chambers we had the opportunity to join the government’s program at republic of Kyrgyzstan. The first program which was held in 2022 focused mainly on financing projects aimed at developing infrastructure and energy, supporting exports, attracting new technologies, modernizing industry, creating a value chain and developing regions.

The 2nd program which was “ Dubai International Chamber launches New Horizons Trade Mission to Central Asia” . The goal is to grow the Dubai-based business’ connectivity with global markets through expansion potential in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.The program focused mainly on Business Matching and site visits to make sure dubai-based companies, can connect with some of the potential partners in the country, and business forum where there are expert speakers to answer some of our questions. Also to support Dubai’s plan to increase he emirate’s foreign trade to AED2 trillion by 2026.
The Gulfood exhibition is the most awaited event in the food industry. It is the world’s largest food and beverage trade show being held annually in Dubai, UAE. After a long lockdown because of the pandemic, the exhibition began to work again. We are proud and grateful to have been part of this exhibition for two consecutive years since the launching of our new products from Kyrgyzstan.

At the first year of our participation (photo on the left side), we showcased all of our premium products from Kyrgyzstan – variety of honey, mineral water from the mountains and dry yogurts (KURUT) or is better known as yegert in the local language, and variety of chocolate stuffed with different flavors

For the second year of our participation, we introduce our mineral water, honey with 8 variation and dry yogurts. A lot of visitors were astonished with how our honey is packaged. With the wooden barrel displayed at the from side, a lot of passersby are taking photo and were curious about what is inside this lovely barrel.

With the 5 days period each year of the exhibition, we were able to promote and introduce our different products, create a network, and build relationships with fellow food traders. Such a remarkable experience during the exhibition. Exploring amazing opportunities from different parts of continent, learning, and exchanging ideas in the world of F&B.
This opportunity will not be possible without the support of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for SME Development and our suppliers.
This summer in Kyrgyzstan has given us a new crop of ecologically clean, naturally dried organic dried apricots. Its uniqueness begins with the place of its growth in Kyrgyzstan. A special process of natural drying of fruits under the sun increases the concentration of sugar in apricots, which gives them additional sweetness and helps to preserve dried fruits for a long time without the addition of preservatives.
In Kyrgyzstan, Kulikov is known for its high-quality, innovative, and most fascinating confectionery. The company started as a small family which grew gradually and is now very popular not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in Kazakhstan and Russia. Today they already have more than 100 own branded stores in three countries these countries. Now they are planning to expand in UAE and It is an honor and a privilege to be chosen as their partner.

To begin, we conducted a market survey in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with our joint force and ideas. We invited people from both the local and international communities to participate in our research. Consumers' potential consumption, preferences, and reactions to the products were collected qualitatively and quantitatively. The product was discussed, and participants shared their experiences.

A survey conducted at Abu Dhabi's Royal M Hotel & Resorts is shown in the first photograph. All visitors are Emarati locals. And the second tasting event was held at Navat Tea House and Restaurant, Downtown Dubai with different nationalities present at the site.

With the gathered ideas and information, we were able to identify the market need and the target audience and consumers for our product. We were able to select which is which for which target market. It was a successful event, and everything went smoothly.
Kyrgyzstan is well known for its ecologically clean mountains. This brings with it a wide range of healthy and natural products. With the numerous wild meadows with an abundance of herbs and flowers – particularly notable is sainfoin. The beautiful pink blossoms of the sainfoin plant are known to produce a lot of nectar and pollen, making them a magnet for honeybees. The type of honey produced from the bees feeding from this flower is unique.it is not the classic golden or brown but is solid and crimson, white color.

During the harvesting season, which is usually before winter begins, beekeepers make sure that they know when to harvest those sweet rewards. It requires attention, time, and patience. Observing these signs can ensure a great harvest and the safety of their bees this winter.

Harvested honey was renowned for its high value. During the production of white honey, no fertilizers are used; the product is all-natural and environmentally friendly. Once collected, the honey is heated to 40 degrees in an extractor and filtered before it is poured into its container. As a result, the honey has a soft texture and a delicate taste and fragrance.
Due to its untreated and unpasteurized nature, white honey is easy to digest and contains natural enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients. It is highly nutritious and even said to be allergen-free. The honey takes on its white color as crystallization occurs.
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