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Organic production according to European standards
Emphasizing the organic nature of these products, they offer a simple and wholesome way to enjoy the flavors of pumpkin, tomatoes, and peas. Whether consumed as is or transformed into delightful dishes, these organic products are sure to satisfy your taste buds while supporting your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle

The products are made from organically grown pumpkins, tomatoes and peas, grown in environmentally friendly places, without the use of additives. These products have a European organic certificate, guaranteeing their high quality and compliance with strict organic standards.

According to European standards

Discover the versatility of tomato-based products. Tomato paste and juice are made from the finest tomatoes that can be consumed as is or used to create a variety of dishes such as pizza, soups, etc. With their rich flavor and natural properties, these tomato products make a great addition to any culinary dish. creations.

Organic tomatoes

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