Dry natural YOGURT

natural fermented milk product originally from Kyrgyzstan
The new package clearly shows the nutritional values such as calcium protein carbohydrates and others. It also shows the ingredients used for the product, origin, and information you need about it. The assortment – the classic, the light which is less salty and the mini for children.
Calcium Proteins Carbohydrates

The team put a great effort to ensure the quality of the product remains with its new package. Like any good design, packaging tells a story. It’s also a sensual experience, literally engaging us through sight, touch, and taste. They put great effort into choosing what material and form as well as graphics, colors and fonts that are used on wrapping.
Product quality in new packaging
These delicious and healthy dry yoghurts come in a convenient pack and are great for snacking throughout the day. Each yoghurt contains 15g and 30g of dried yoghurt, making it a perfect snack for those looking for a healthy alternative. With natural flavors, these yoghurts offer the great taste and nutrition you're looking for.
Dry Yogurts in it’s new look!
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